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News from Retrocraft Design (March 2015)

News from Retrocraft Design March 2015
Dear Folks:
The big story here in MA is the weather—and whether it’s kosher to use your personal email for business even if you don't work for the state department (as long as you're doing business with us, we’re happy to converse with you on your email of choice). The birds are back, so is the pavement, cars are emerging from mystery mounds. So put away that lawn chair--the one you’ve been using to hold your parking spot--and come on down for some “new” vintage pieces built for the ages or enlist us to “modernize” those vintage pieces you have hanging around gathering dust.

In addition to our Etsy shop, we now have a presence on a new online site called Chairish, a curated marketplace for vintage furniture, home décor, jewelry and accessories. And a big plus, Chairish handles shipping arrangements for those of you who aren't local and can’t live without one of our pieces.

Lisa and Laura
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retrocraft 898

retrocraft 898